Bro Science & Gym Myths

You've probably heard and seen it before in the gym, lots of conflicting comments about diet, supplements & training. There's always one guy with muscles who assumes he knows what he's talking about. Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the comments of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.

So, let’s have a look at some Broscience in action...

Bro the more protein you eat the bigger you’ll get!

Not true. For optimal lean muscle gains you do not require any more than 2.2g of protein per kg of bodyweight, most people will see benefits from as little as 1.6g

Bro eating carbs at night make you fat

Incorrect. To keep things simple your body does not know what time it is. There is no magical switch in your brain that decides from 6pm onwards any carbs ingested will be instantly stored as fat. Consuming more calories (at any time of the day) than your body requires makes you fat.

Bro fat free foods are healthier

Fat free is often a hidden disguise for ‘loaded with sugar’. Moral of the story, read food labels and if fat is removed from a product ensure it is not then replaced with sugar. Fat free yoghurts are a particularly bad culprit for this!

Bro if you stop weight training your muscle turns to fat

Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue, muscle doesn’t turn into fat and fat doesn’t turn into muscle. This myth probably originated from people seeing toned, muscular athletes develop rolls with age.

Bro doing loads of ab exercises gives you a 6 pack

Not entirely false but without removing the layer of fat from your midsection your wonderfully crafted 6 pack will remain unseen. The only way to reveal it is diet - as the old saying goes ‘abs are made in the kitchen!’

Bro when weight training, the heavier the better

Again, this is not entirely false.; the weight does need to put stress on your muscles in order for them to tear and rebuild bigger and stronger. However, without proper form the only thing getting bigger will be your ego. Find a weight that allows you to perform any given exercise with strict form that allows you to contract the muscle properly. You will see far better results.

This is by no means an extensive list and the more gym goers you meet the more you will be subjected to ‘did you know’ and ‘you should be doing it like this’. If there is one tip I give you to take away from this article it is do not believe everything you hear in the gym/changing rooms/supplement stores. These are all common areas for being faced with bro science! Do your research, read books and find the answers yourself.

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