Easy ways to naturally increase testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the body. It plays a pivotal role in building and maintaining muscle mass, as well as being involved in many other important aspect of our overall health. These include optimising our sex drive, deciding where fat is distributed on our bodies as well as playing an important role in red blood cell production. Testosterone is found in higher levels in men, but also in smaller quantities in women. Having healthy testosterone levels is vital for both men and women for all of these reasons, as well affecting athletic performance and aesthetic body composition.

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to keep your testosterone levels elevated naturally.

  1. Reduce you sugar intake – When we eat sugar are testosterone levels are decreased. This is likely due to the increase in insulin which is another factor leading to low levels of testosterone.
  2. Provide your body with enough zinc – The mineral zinc is very important for testosterone production. Research has shown supplementing with zinc increased testosterone levels, and even protects men from reductions in testosterone levels incurred due to exercise.
  3. Perform regular strength training – Taking part in regular strength training (or weight lifting) has been shown to boost testosterone levels, given the weight is heavy enough. We suggest choosing a weight that challenges you at rep 4 – 6, whilst still being able to perform the exercise with correct form.
  4. Ensure you are getting adequate amounts of vitamin D – This essential steroid hormone is vital for the healthy development of sperm cells and increases levels of natural testosterone. One study showed that those supplementing with vitamin D saw a significant increase in testosterone levels.
  5. Reduce stress levels – Stress releases a chemical into our bodies called cortisol. This harmful hormone blocks the effects of testosterone. Take time to switch off (after you’ve finished reading this article!), relax and distress – your gains depend on it!
  6. Eat enough fat – When it comes to optimising testosterone levels it is essential to enough fat. This will need to come in the form of mono and poly unsaturated fats like olive oil, nuts and avocados, but also saturated fat in the form of red meat, egg yolk or coconut oil ( not pizza).
  7. Boost your intake of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) – Studies have shown that supplementing with BCAAs results in higher natural testosterone levels. This is increased further when combined with regular resistance training.
  8. Keep your body weight at a healthy level. Studies have shown that men who are overweight have lower natural testosterone levels than those who were in the healthy weight range. If you struggle to keep our weight down you might be interested in our popular weight loss range.
  9. Perform HIIT training – Performing short and intense bursts of exercise (or HIIT training) have been shown to boost testosterone and prevent it’s decline.